Verifications processed annually


Verifications completed on the first two attempts

2 Days

average turnaround time


Verification investigations are frustrating.

We know. Verification investigations are often the cause of delayed turnaround times. They tax internal operations and are not nearly as profitable as other background investigation and screening services you offer. And when an avalanche of verification requests buries your business, backlogs result - putting your reputation at risk with your clients.

Be informed. Verifications don’t need to be a loss leader or source of risk.

Whether you’re looking to outsource verification investigations altogether or identify a partner to help you with overflow and backlog, InformData Government is here to help. In fact, if you add up your true internal costs of keeping verifications in-house, you'll find that InformData Government can actually help you reduce risk and become more profitable.

InformData Government resume verification data solution.


Offered via the InformData Government Connect portal or high-performance API, designed with the reliability of people data supply chain. Transparent. Monitored. Audited. Prime contractor-friendly business models. Priced the way you sell to your customers.

Employment Verification
Education Verification
DOT Verification
Tenant/Residential History Verification
Professional/Personal Reference
Professional License Verification
FOIA Military Service Verification
International Employment Education Verification
Tenant Income Verification

The InformData Government  difference in resume verification and background investigations.

Resume verification and background investigations are something you have to do. It’s not your bread-and-butter service, but you can’t ignore it either. InformData Government 'gets it'. That’s why government prime contractors like yours trust InformData Government to provide out-of-the-box resume verification and background investigation solutions. With a 2-day average turnaround time and over 1.8 million investigations processed annually, we have the muscle, technology and resources to handle the peaks and valleys of your volume. InformData Government will make you look good. It’s what we do.